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Fatima Group is a multinational conglomerate holding company with headquarters in Miami and Haiti. Originally founded as a family business in 1943 by the 1st generation stakeholder, Alfred Beliard, with a focus on transportation, the company has evolved into a global powerhouse. While rooted in its beginnings, Fatima Group has attracted investors worldwide. Through a diverse portfolio of successful ventures spanning three distinct sectors. With a commitment to shaping a new era of prosperity, Fatima Group invites you to join us on this journey. With global investors and flourishing enterprises, we continue to spearhead progress and contribute to the development of Haiti’s economy.


Cap Terminal S.A., a cornerstone in Cap-Haïtien's maritime sector, operates the region's sole full-service container terminal, distinguished by its adherence to the stringent standards set by international maritime organizations.

This facility serves as a crucial hub for Haiti Shipping Cargo, which, in collaboration with the esteemed Prestige Ship Services S.A., provides comprehensive weekly shipping services across a wide spectrum of cargo. Augmenting this logistics network, Le Parc S.A. offers secure and reliable warehousing for international, private and public companies. With over 5 hectares of space and essential resources like electricity and internet, providing a competitive solution for your storage needs.


Island TV is a television network based in Miami with a mission to connect the Caribbean audience from around the world with programming that aims to inform, entertain, and empower.

Through strategic partnerships, our niche audience will have access to culturally focused programming, including news and public announcements, via Island TV’s distribution platform that best serves them. We are rooted in community engagement, and our work is distinctly authentic and culture-driven. This programming is offered in French, Haitian-Creole, and English—a unique offering. Radio Tropikal enriches our media landscape as the audio companion to Island TV. Dive into Caribbean music and culture, enhancing your experience with an auditory journey that complements Island TV's visuals.


The Alfred Beliard Foundation is a foundation created by the Beliard family dedicated to creating upward social mobility for Haitians living in the Northern Region of Haiti, an extremely underserved. The foundation is registered in Haiti and plans to register in Canada and the United States in 2016. In addition, they have recently inaugurated a general hospital, Hôpital Notre Dame, in Cap-Haitien, contributing to the healthcare infrastructure in the region.

& Hospitality

Discover the enchanting world of Fatima's exclusive resort collection, where each destination promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Fatima Goup is further redefining hospitality in Cap Haitien with the construction of a 128-room Courtyard Marriott Hotel. This new venture exemplifies luxurious service, world-class standards, and a commitment to sustainability through EDGE certification. Ekolojik Resort, nestled in the heart of nature, offers an eco-friendly haven for those seeking serenity and sustainability. Habitation Jouissant, with its elegant charm and breathtaking views, provides a luxurious escape in a historically rich setting. Marquis Paradise, a gem by the sea, is the epitome of tropical luxury, offering an oasis of relaxation and unparalleled beauty. Explore these exquisite destinations, where every stay is more than just a vacation—it's a journey into a world of comfort, culture, and extraordinary experiences.


Fred Beliard
Chairman of the board
Patrick Beliard
Vice President
Richard Dubin
Vice President Of Shipping
Tamara B. Rodriguez
Chief Financial Officer
Tatiana B. Simeon
Director Of Human Resources
Catherine M. Beliard
Vice President Of Hospitality

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